Trips to Rio

In June, 2009, my life and my involvement with the US Paralympic Team changed forever. The resident coach, team head coach, and good friend, Jimi Flowers, died while climbing one of the 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado. His loss left the team and the program with a huge hole. I was called shortly afterward and asked if I would be willing to partially fill the void. Thus began four trips to Rio de Jainero with the US Paralympic Team. One trip in August of 2009 to scope out the area for a good place to stay during the upcoming Short Course World Championships. Then a trip down there in December of 2009 as the head coach of that team. Two other trips were on my plate, the final one in October, 2011. Upon landing at the airport in Rio, I learned that my mom had suddenly passed away without any warning. On that trip, I never left the airport.

The pictures below show some of the highlights of those trips.

rio day

rio night

rio loterios 1






team best