Course Syllabus

This syllabus is designed for a semester course and the suggested sequence is found in the column to the left. It serves ONLY AS A GUIDE, for the course instructor will make changes in assignments and direction depending on each group of students and the time of year when the course is being taught.

Days of the Course

Material Covered

Work Done By You


Course Introduction

Day 1

Prologue, Information, Teacher Bio, Course Units

Paralympic Swimming

Getting to know you

Day 2

Using the Internet Resources, Tour of the Universe, DAY 2



The Starry Sky


Day 3

Introduction to the Night Sky and Units of Measurements


Day 4

Celestial objects and Constellations of the season

First Constellation Observation

Day 5

Orientation to the celestial sphere



The History of Astronomy


Day 6

Scientific Method & Religion, Introduction, Archaeoastronomy


Day 7

Ancient Astronomy

Write your own myth

Day 8

Greek Astronomy ... Aristotle through Hipparchus


Day 9

Greek Astronomy ... Ptolemy

Ancient History Quiz

Day 10

Protestant Reformation before the Copernican Revolution


Day 11

Revolution Introduction, Nicholas Copernicus


Day 12

Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler


Day 13


Copernican Revolution Quiz

Day 14

Sir Isaac Newton



Light and Telescopes


Day 15

Introduction, Electromagnetic Spectrum


Day 16

Measuring Starlight and Distances


Day 17

Telescopes - Refracting, Reflecting


Day 18

Telescopes - Radio, Space

Telescope Advice

Day 19

Getting Your Own and Helping someone buy a telescope

Star Observations:Fall or Winter


Space Exploration

Star Observation: Any Season

Day 20

Introduction, and The space race


Day 21

Mercury and Gemini Programs


Day 22

Apollo Program

Stranded on the Moon

Day 23

Space Race Conclusion


Day 24

Satellite exploration of space

Exploration Quiz


Our Home Planet and the Moon


Day 25

Introduction, Our place in space

Scale model of the solar system

Day 26

The Earth ...Introduction, facts, structure and origin

Scale Model Presentation

Day 27

The Earth ... tectonics, mountain building, and rock cycle


Day 28

The Earth ... atmosphere, weather, and seasons, *Earth Science*

Earth quiz

Day 29

The Moon ... Introduction, structure and features

Moon Observation

Day 30

The Moon ... phases


Day 31

The Moon ... tides

Lunar Eclipse - February 20, 2008

Day 32

The Moon ... eclipses

Moon Phases, Tides, Eclipses

Day 33

The Moon ... origin theories

The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017

Day 34

The Moon ... why are all the craters round

Cratering Lab


The Sun's Planets


Day 35

Introduction, NSO Introduction, Inner Rocky Worlds ... Mercury

Mercury Quiz

Day 36

Inner Rocky Worlds ... Venus

Venus Quiz

Day 37

Inner Rocky Worlds ...Intro, Mars part 1

Mars crater lab

Day 38

Inner Rocky Worlds ... Mars part 2

Mars Quiz

Day 39

Outer Gas Giants ... Jupiter

Valentine's Day

Day 40

Outer Gas Giants ... Jupiter's moons

Jupiter Quiz

Day 41

Outer Gas Giants ... Saturn


Day 42

Outer Gas Giants ... Saturn's rings and moons

Saturn Quiz

Day 43

Outer Gas Giant ... Uranus

Uranus Quiz

Day 44

Outer Gas Giants ... Neptune

Neptune Quiz

Day 45

Voyager Mission Recount

Voyager Quiz and Commentary

Day 46

Dwarf Planets, Extrasolar Planets

***Link to all planet quizzes***

Day 47

Comets & Asteroids

Pluto, Comet, Asteroid Quiz

Day 48

Final Assessment on Planets

Final Planet Quiz


The Sun

Mirror Site

Day 49

Introduction to Sun, It's structure and facts

Sun Observation

Day 50

Thermonuclear fusion powers the sun


Day 51

Solar events ... sun spots and flares


Day 52

Solar events ... flares and prominences


Day 53

Solar events ... aurora borealis


Day 54

The Sun's spectrum ...


Day 55

Developing the HR Diagram


Day 56

The Sun's lifecycle

Sun Quiz


Stars and Their Lifecycles


Day 57

Introduction, Stellar Spectra, Spectroscopic Parallax

Stellar spectra comparisons

Day 58

Star Lifecycles


Day 59

Main Sequence Dwarfs,

HR Diagram Interpretation

Day 60

The Faintest and Coolest Stars


Day 61

The Largest, Stars


Day 62

The Brightest and Hottest Stars


Day 63

Cepheid Variables


Day 64


Star Quiz

Day 65

Supernova 1987A


Day 66

The Smallest Stars... Neutron Stars and Pulsars


Day 67

Smallest Stars ... Black Holes

SN1987A lab




Day 68

Introduction to Galaxies, The Milky Way


Day 69

The Milky Way


Day 70

Galaxy Formation

Milky Way Quiz

Day 71



Day 72

Ultra Deep Field, Large Scale Structure of the Universe, ESO


Day 73

Galaxy Structure

UltraDeep Field Lab

Day 74

Images of Galaxies

Hubble Deep Field Lab




Day 75

Introduction to Cosmology, Methods to measure distance


Day 76

Hubble Finds Redshifts, The Universe is Expanding

Final Constellation Observation

Day 77

The Big Bang Theory


Day 78

Cosmological Principles

Nova Light Curve Interpretation

Day 79

Inflation Theory, Multiverses & String Theory


Day 80

The Origin and Fate of the Universe

Cosmology Paper




Day 81

Introduction, Extraterrestrial visitors to earth and SETI

SETI opportunity

Day 82

Roadblocks to development of intelligent life

SETI assignment

Day 83

Final comments

Final paper





Relevant Formulae and Data


Chat Lessons

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