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Copyright Regulations for all of Tom Franke's Astronomy Course Web Pages

These pages are intended for the education of Hopkins High School and Northern Star Online students. A majority of the figures are taken from NASA, JPL, ESO, HST, USGS, and other US Government web sites, as well as various educational web sites, some Astronomy societies of which I am a member, or scanned from the textbooks used in courses that I teach. In general, I do not own nor desire the copyright of the figures or images. Since this web site is open to the Net, the public is free to view and educate themselves. Please do *not* write me asking for permission to figure X or page Y. Odds are I do not own the original image and can not grant you permission.

Why am I not in violation of copyright laws with these web pages? The laws are unclear at the present time, however, I consider these pages to be covered by Fair Use standards, i.e. the use of an image here has the same impact as xeroxing a copy for an overhead projector (like we used to do in the `old' days before the Net). If you disagree with this interpretation of the Fair Use standard, then please go someplace else to obtain your science information. I do not make a `profit' from these web pages, so I do not see myself in violation of copyright protection.

Images and Texts by Calvin J. Hamilton
Most of the text incorporated in Views of the Solar System is copyrighted by Calvin J. Hamilton. There are a few pages that are copyrighted by other individuals or organizations. My policy is that school teachers can use Views of the Solar System materials in their class rooms as long as teachers do not ask for money for the materials. Students my use Views of the Solar System materials in their class reports. Teachers and students must give proper credit when using Views of the Solar System materials. A proper credit line is (Courtesy Calvin J. Hamilton).
Students may use Views of the Solar System text for research purposes and may properly quote from Calvin J. Hamilton's materials. In general you should be original in your writing; however, if you want to use the text and your teacher would approve, visit the page Student Resources for information on using Views of the Solar System text. Under all conditions, you must give credit on the page that it is used on.

I have processed many of the images in this tour and they are copyrighted. If you wish to use one these images in a publication you can send the request to .

Students may use images by Calvin J. Hamilton in their papers and reports as long as they give proper credit. If a student wants to use an image on a web page, for a class project, he or she may do so as long as the following conditions are observed:

Calvin J. Hamilton's images must be clearly marked with "Copyright Calvin J. Hamilton". This MUST appear next to the image and not at the bottom of the page or on a separate web page.
A link to or must also be included.
Students may not use the images for-profit purposes with out contacting Calvin J. Hamilton.
Only thumbnail images may be used on web pages. Calvin J. Hamilton's full resolution images may NOT be copied onto other web sites.
Commercial Use: Commercial use of Calvin J. Hamilton's materials MUST be made in writing to . Permission will be granted on a case by case basis. Please be specific when making a request.