In The News

Welcome to my newest addition to the course. This folder will hold one or two articles from the science journals, "Science," or "Nature." While both magazines are full of the most recent research, their titles are among the most difficult to understand, not to mention the readings themselves. However, as I get these journals each week, there is often something related to Astronomy in them. As we move through the course, you might find one or two of them to interest you.

My first submission is an article from "Science," August 30, 2002. It discusses space weather and how astronauts and satellites manage to survive in the changing patterns. This article will be of greater interest when you study the Sun and the results of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Since we are currently in a period of higher solar activity and sunspot numbers, we are likely to see more Northern Lights. This two page article is pretty easy to follow, and is discussed more in this course at the Solar Events, and Aurora pages.

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