Voyager Mission Quiz and Commentary

Welcome to the Voyager Quiz and Commentary. Since I think this particular pair of space probes represents such an exciting time of planet exploration, and represents a technological triumph that rivals the Apollo missions, I want to emphasize the highlights of the mission by having you go over a bit of the project, its major discoveries, its future, and then offer some thoughts of your own. The left image is the cover page of "The Planetary Report." I am a regular subscriber and member, and when this issue crossed my desk in early September, 2002, I knew I wanted to bring it into my course. By clicking on the cover page, you will be able to directly link to the entire 12 page articles, full of images and interesting comments. The right image below is a schematic technical diagram of the spacecraft. By clicking on that image, you will link directly to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory website devoted to the Voyager project.


This site is where you can record your responses in little boxes that can be sent to me via the internet. If you have questions still unclear, you can go back to the Voyager Mission Recount.

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1) When was Voyager I and Voyager II launched

2) When did Voyager I arrive at its first planet, Jupiter , and Voyager II at its final planet, Neptune .

3) What do you think was the most exciting discovery during the Jupiter flyby.

4) What did Voyager discover about the rings of Saturn

5) What did Voyager II learn about Neptune's moon Triton that was such a big surprise.

6) Where are Voyager I ,

and Voyager II now


7) What do scientists hope to learn from the continuing Voyager mission.

8) What did you think about the Voyager project, the reading, and the website.

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