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Welcome to the Sun Quiz. There are only 8 questions for you to answer, so I do not expect you to have extreme trouble doing this little exercise. Just rememer to press the submit button when you are done.

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Questions to be answered on a separate piece of paper and turned in to instructor.

1) What is the only type of energy produced by the sun, and where does it originate?

2) If the sun only makes one form of radiation, how do we account for all of the different forms of radiation which reach the Earth?

3) What do you think will happen when the sun’s core runs out of hydrogen fuel?

4) Which layer of the sun is the part we see?

5) Why is there such scientific interest in solar flares?

6) How long is the sunspot cycle?

7) What causes the Aurora Borealis?

8) What did Joseph Fraunhofer find in the Sun's spectrum that was so interesting?



When you have completed this quiz and are satisfied with your responses, click on the submit button at the bottom of this page, and then you may move to the Star Introduction, or back to the Sun Introduction, or to the Syllabus.

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