Star Spectra Analysis

The purpose of this little quiz is to help me determine whether you students understand the HR Diagram and the reading of stellar spectra. This is the important tool of Astronomy that helps astronomers determine the distance to particular stars and galaxies, the relative age of stars, and the surface temperatures.

For now, this entire quiz focuses on the HR Diagram and your ability to understand its usefulness in Astronomy. As time continues and as I become more industrious, I will add actual stellar spectra for you to study and compate.

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The following questions refer to the HR diagram found above.

1) What is the type of star found at the location of the letter "B?"

2) What is the type of star found at the location of letter "E?"

3) Which star is the hottest in surface temperature?

4) Which star is the coolest in surface temperature?

5) Which star is most like our Sun?

6) What is the name of the line marked by the letters F, D, and C?

7) Which star is the brightest in terms of Absolute Magnitude (M)?

8) Will the eventual fate of our Sun ever reach the category where letter "A" is? Why or why not?

9) What is the name of the star found at the location of letter "C?"

10) The most important use of the HR Diagram is used in the method of Spectroscopic Parallax. What is spectroscopic parallax and how do astronomers use this method to determine the distance to far-away stars? This question is worth as much to me as the entire previous 9 questions listed in this quiz.


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