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The history of space exploration, and in particular the race to the moon between the Soviet Union and America are some of the most exciting moments in all recorded history, and I contend that the successful landing on the moon and safe return of the Apollo astronauts represent the greatest technological achievement of all time. I am hopeful that you enjoyed this unit and have retained enough of the material to attempt this quiz, or that you are profecient enouogh to find the answers.

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1) What are the names of the Apollo 11 astronauts? Choose as many as apply.

John Glenn

Neil Armstrong

Michael Collins

Alan Shepard

Buzz Aldrin

2) On what date did the Eagle land on the moon, and where did these first two astronauts to their moon walk?

3) What event shook the entire world on October 4, 1957, and usher us all into the Space Age?

4) The first US satellite launched into orbit was Explorer 1. What did this satellite discover?

5) Who was the first man to be launched into space? Choose one.

John Glenn

Alan Shepard

Yuri Gagarin

Alexsi Leonov

Neil Armstrong

6) What was John Glenn the first man to do?

7) Which Soviet cosmonaut "walked" in space BEFORE Ed White?

8) Which person on this list was NOT a member of the original Mercury 7?

9) Mariner 10 was the first, and only satellite to travel to Mercury. When was this satellite launched?

10) What was the purpose of the Gemini missions?

11) Who was the primary force behind rocket development in the US space program?

12) What was that American's counterpart in the Soviet Union?

13) What was the real intent of the Soviet satellites Phobos 1 and Phobos 2? Choose as many as apply.

to gather material from the surface of Phobos and analyze it

to test a Soviet secret spy camera

to test a Soviet "Star Wars" laser system

to win the race to Mars for Soviet propaganda purposes

to land on the surface of the Mars moon and deploy robots

14) What is the name of the only satellite to fly by Neptune?

15) How long did it take that satellite to get from Earth to Neptune?

16) What Soviet satellite series was sent to explore Venus?

17) Who was the last American to stand on the moon?

18) How much horsepower did the main engines of the Apollo Saturn V rocket generate?

19) What is the name of the US satellite which dropped a probe into the clouds of Jupiter on December 7, 1995?

20) Of the various readings within this unit, which part was most interesting to you, and why?



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