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1) Give a brief description of the physical appearance of the planet Saturn?

2) What is the most distinguishing feature of the planet Saturn?

3) What is the name of the satellite that is presently orbiting Saturn, when was it launched, how long did it take to arrive at Saturn, and what is the name of the probe that dropped to the surface of Titan?

4) What are the wind speeds of Saturn's clouds?

5) Why is there so much scientific interest in the moon Titan?

6) What are Saturn's rings made of?

7) What is the effect of Mimas on the rings of Saturn?

8) Why is Saturn flattened at the poles in such a pronounced manner?

9) What do astronomers believe the high albedo of Enceladus is caused by?

10) Can you think of a reason why a manned mission to Saturn would be challenging that is different from any other challenge to the other eight planets?

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