Pluto, Comet, and Asteroid Quiz

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1) Give a brief description of the physical appearance of Pluto.

2) Who discovered Pluto and when was it discovered?

3) What do Pluto and its Moon Charon share some of in common?

4) What two places in the solar system do scientists believe comets may come from?

5) What causes the comet to have a tail when it comes near the Sun?

6) How is it possible that the tail of the comet goes first when it is leaving the Sun?

7) While many astronomers believe the oceans of Earth may have been made by comet impacts, what else may comets have brought to Earth?

8) What are the three kinds of asteroids in terms of physical composition?

9) Name the 3 places where asteroids can be found, and describe why NEAs are of such great interest?

10) What are meteors and how can astronomers predict something called a "meteor shower?"

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