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1) Give a brief description of the physical appearance of Mars seen from a telescope.

2) What features did Percival Lowell describe that he believed criss-crossed the surface of Mars?

3) What is it like on the surface of the planet (describe pressure, temperature, and wind)?

4) Why has there been such great public and scientific interest in the planet Mars since August, 1996?

5) What were the names of the first missions that landed spacecraft on Mars?

6) What is the largest volcano on Mars?

7) What is the name of Mars' version of the Grand Canyon?

8) What feature is found on both the north and south pole of Mars?

9) What are the names of the moons of Mars? What do scientists think will happen to one of them within the next 50,000 years?

10) What are the names of the two robot rovers that recently landed on the surface of Mars and are still roving and collecting information today?


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