Jupiter Quiz

Welcome to the Jupiter Quiz page ... a place where you can show off your vast knowledge, newly acquired from reading through the Jupiter pages within this course. N o picture appears on this quiz page or else you might be able to more quickly answer some of the questions regarding Jupiter's appearance and features. However, this does not mean that you cannot go back to the Jupiter page for help.

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1) Briefly give a physical description of the planet Jupiter.

2) What is the most distinctive feature on Jupiter?

3) If Jupiter was more massive (say 80 times more) what would Jupiter become?

4) What causes the different colors in Jupiter's bands of clouds?

5) What was the spectacular discovery when Voyager 1 went past Io?

6) Why is there so much interest in the moon Europa?

7) In what way is Jupiter similar to Saturn?

8) What crashed into Jupiter in the summer of 1994?

9) What satellite missions have visited Jupiter?

10) What makes a manned mission to Jupiter almost impossible?


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