Moon Phases, Tides, and Eclipses

The purpose of the exercise is to determine to a probably minimal degree whether you understand the cause behind the phases of the moon, eclipses, and tides. The questions are intentionally simple and you are encouraged to go back and forth in the course to get your accounts straight. Good luck!

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1-5. This first question alone is worth half of the points on this quiz. What causes the earthlings to see phases of the Moon. I wish you could send some form of drawing with this question, but if you do not know how (I don't either) give me the best written explanation possible to demonstrate that you really understand this question.

6. Why does any equatorial ocean experience two high tides every 24 hours?

7. What is "spring tide" and when does this event occur?

8. What alignment is necessary to produce a lunar eclipse?

9. What alignment is necessary to produce a solar eclipse?

10. When will Americans in the contiguous 48 states be able to witness the next solar eclipse (you may need to search the internet for this a bit)?

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