Milky Way Quiz

Welcome to the quiz on the Milky Way, and on general galaxy stuff. The picture of the Andromeda Galaxy is given below since it is so similar to our galactic home in terms of size, mass, and structure.

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The first few questions refer to this diagram seen below.

1. What is the region called to which letter "B" is pointing? Why are the stars there redder in color? Two points for this question.

2. Star "C" is in which portion of the galaxy? Why are the stars there bluer in color? Two points for this question. NOTE: I know that I wrote in the Milky Way page that all of the stars in this picture are actually foreground stars of the Milky Way. For the sake of this question, please assume that the star at the tip of the pointer is actually part of Andromeda.

3. The object to which arrow "A" is pointing is one of many that orbit the galaxy in a path different from the majority of the stars. This object is called?

4. Scientists believe that this galaxy is rotating very fast. In fact, they say it is rotating so fast that every star ought to be flung out into space. What do astronomers believe is holding this galaxy together in spite of this great rotational speed?

5. What do astronomers believe is the diameter of the Milky Way?

6. How far is The Sun from the center of the Milky Way? 1 point How long would a modern jet, traveling at 1000 km/hr take to get there? Bonus 2 points!

7. What do astronomers believe lies in the center of the Milky Way? Hint: It is called Sagittarius A, but what is Sagittarius A?

8. What is the rotational speed of the Milky Way, and how many times has the Solar System orbited the center? 2 points

9. What are the largest structures in the Universe?

10. What are the 3 basic types of galaxy shapes, and what do galaxies like ours do with their stars that the other two galaxy types do not? 1 point for each of the three types of galaxies, and 2 points for writing what the Milky Way does with dead stars and debris that most other galaxies do not do.

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