HR Diagram Quiz

I cannot think of ANY diagram in all of Astronomy that is as important as the HR Diagram. I want my students to have a good understanding of the diagram and what we learn from studying stars and their position on it. You will be referring to the HR Diagram below for all of your questions. Good luck.

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All of the questions below are best answered by looking at the HR Diagram at the top of this page. If you want, you can write in anything you want and look at anything you want, but then you will be misled.

1. Which star is the hottest?

2. Which star is the biggest?

3. Which star is the smallest?

4. Which star is the most like our Sun?

5. Which star is the coolest?

6. What is the absolute magnitude of "star b"?

7. What is the spectral class of "star e"?

8. What do stars "f", "d", and "c" all have in common in terms of their life stage?

9. What is the common name for "star b"?

10. What is the common name for "star e"?

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