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This quiz covers the material you read concerning the Earth. These questions are all objective in nature. Please try to be concise in your responses but also thorough so I will know that you understand the material. If at anytime during the quiz you need to go back and look for an answer, please feel free to do so.

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1) Which are the three kinds of rock found on the planet? Check all that apply. (Rock Cycle)






2) Which activity is responsible for recycling all of the Earth's rock? (Earth Recycles Itself)

3) According to the best rock dating techniques, how old do most scientists conclude the Earth to be? (Earth Facts)

4) Is there any evidence for an alternative age of the Earth than cited above, and if so, what is that evidence? (Origin of Earth)

5) What would the seasons be like if the Earth was not tilted on its axis at all? (Seasons)

6) What would the seasons be like if the Earth were tipped over on its axis by 90o? (Seasons)

7) I what way are the volcanoes of Venus, Mars, and Io similar to Hawaii? Check all that apply. (Volcanism)

All are stratovolcanoes capable of pyroclastic eruptions

All are shield volcanoes of gentle eruptions

All are formed by hotspot activity

All are formed by subduction activity

All are the results of active plate tectonics

8) How does heat from the Earth's core get to the Earth's surface? (Tectonics)

9) What are the differences between Continental Crust and Oceanic Crust? (Bottom of Earth Structure Page)

10) What is Pangea, and what happened to Pangea 200 million years ago? (Pangea on Tectonics Page)

11) What geologic disaster should east coast Americans fear? Choose all that apply. (Check them ALL, because ALL will happen someday)

Major earthquakes from sudden subduction

Volcano formation and eruptions

Being crushed against Europe

12) Why is it unsafe to live in New Madrid, Missouri? (Earthquakes)

13) Where will Los Angeles by in 15,000,000 years? (Earthquakes)

14) Which of these plate interactions is NOT found on Earth? (Plate Interactions)

15) What is the Milankovitch Hypothesis? (Earth Rhythms)

16) What Earth rhythm has a 23,000 year cycle, and what is the result of this rhythm? (Earth Rhythms)

17) What generates the heat in the Earth's inner core? Check all that apply Basically, check boxes #2 and #4

A Coleman Stove

Gravitational pressure

Thermonuclear fusion

Radioactive decay of heavy elements


18-23) What are the 6 Fundamental Concepts of Earth's Geology? (Earth Geology)

24) What season will Minnesotans experience at Aphelion? (Seasons)

25) Name some things about the Earth that contribute to the planet's ability to support a large human population. Open-ended question based entirely on what you have discovered.


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