Cosmology Paper

This unit was the most difficult for me to create, and perhaps the most difficult to assess. I have a few simple questions and then a short essay for you to write. My purpose here is to discover what you felt about what you read, and if you learned a few basics about the study of Cosmology.

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1. What is Olber's Paradox?

2. What is the Cosmological Principle?

3. What did Slipher and Leavitt discover that changed our understanding about the "nebulae" in the Milky Way.

4. What did Hubble discover about these same "nebulae" that changed our understanding of the Universe forever.

5. In your own words, briefly describe the Big Bang Theory. Why do so many astronomers believe this is how the Universe began.

6. What did Saul Perlmutter discover in the late 1990's, and what does this discovery portend for the future of the Universe.

7. In your own words, describe your reaction to the Cosmology Unit. What was interesting, confusing, and thought-provoking.

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