Copernican Revolution-Protestant Reformation Quiz

This Quiz covers the material you have read regarding the work of Greek Astronomers, the boldness of Martin Luther, and the effect of Nicolaus Copernicus' novel idea of the Solar System. While the grad standard paper is more about the effect of a Copernican view upon society and religion, this quiz is far more objective in scope.

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1) How was the solar system model of Copernicus different from that of Ptolemy? How was it similar?

2) When did Copernicus publish his theories, and why did he wait so long to do so?

Date Why the wait?

3) What was the value of Martin Luther's departure from Roman Catholicism to Copernicus?

4) What was Tycho Brahe’s greatest contribution to Astronomy?

5) What happened to Tycho's nose?

6) How did Kepler correct the heliocentric model of Copernicus?

7) Which particular discovery of Galileo most angered Church leaders?

8) The trial of Galileo is an important event in the history of science. What were the arguments of both sides of the issue during the trial?

9) Of the 3 variables in Newton’s Law of Gravity, which will have the greatest effect if changed?

10) What is the force of gravity between you and the cloudtops of Jupiter. Remember, you will need to figure out the radius, since the linking page to Jupiter gives the diameter, and then be sure to convert the radius in km to the radius in meters. Assume your mass to be somewhere between 50 and 100 kg. Good luck. You will need to show the values you are using and some way to communicate to me how you determined your answer.

11) What were the positive and negative effects of the writings of Luther and Copernicus ... then and now?

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