Ancient Astronomy Quiz

This quiz covers the material you read concerning Archeoastronomy and Ancient Astronomy, and concluding with Greek Astronomy. These questions are all objective in nature. Please try to be concise in your responses but also thorough so I will know that you understand the material. If at anytime during the quiz you need to go back and look for an answer, please feel free to do so.

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1) What are the zodiac constellations and what are their names?

2) Why might Astrology be invalid today as a scientific discipline?

3) What method was used by the Anasazi to develop a calendar?

4) Why was the development of a calendar so important to early civilizations?

navigating according to the stars

help predict when to fight wars according to location of Mars in different constellations

predict the upcoming rainy seasons according to seasonal constellations for proper timing of crop planting

helped predict the best times for annual festivals and religious observances

5) What was the evidence used by Jews and Christians to support a geocentric model?

6) What object was the focal point of Mayan religious worship?

7) What was the most important astronomical contribution of Hipparchus?

8) How did Ptolemy support his belief that the Earth was round?

9) In what 4 ways did Ptolemy’s model of the solar system satisfy people of the western world?

10) Compare and contrast the purpose of studying the stars between the ancient Babylonian and modern astronomers.


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