Links to the NWC Astronomy Course Lab, Exercises, and Projects

The links to each of the labs currently used in the instruction of the Northwestern College Center for Distance Education Astronomy Course can be accessed from the pages below. In past years, students did their work on hand-written pages, and mailed assignments in to the CDE office. Now, NWC is attempting to move as much of the course into the internet realm as possible. There will still be a few minor exceptions where something will have to be sent in unless students have access to a scanner so that I can receive the assignments over the internet. This is especially true for the observations where drawings are an important part.

First Observation

Final Observation

Hubble UltraDeep Field Galaxy Estimate

Lunar Feature Measurements

Moon Phases Exercise

Eclipses Exercise

Measuring Distances

Moon Observation

Parallax Lab

Pluto and Charon Diameter Estimates

Scale Model of the Solar System

Star Observation

Stellar Spectra Comparison

Stranded on the Moon

Sun Observation

Supernova 1987A Analysis

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