Anna Eames and the 100 Meter Butterfly

This page is devoted to the swimming of Anna Eames, a Hopkins High School senior (as of October, 2008). Anna swam in the summer of 2008 with Justin because she felt it would help her . Well, it certainly seemed to do just that as Anna did what she had set out to do. The Cube was pretty quiet on the morning of the September 8 ... the second day of swimming competition, but it sure got plenty noisy later on.

In the picture above, Anna is seen racing to the wall on the second length of the 100 meter butterfly. It was a race where Anna was NEVER behinid. While the race was close throughout the entire swim (seen above), Anna was the faster swimmer this day, and when she touched the pad at the end of the race, Anna was a Paralympic Champion. She is seen in the picture below with the silver and bronze medalists atop the podium.

The America flag was raised (image above) as we all sang the National Anthem. A short while later, Anna came to the warm-up pool where I snapped the picture of the gold medalist, and later had Doc Manning take a picture of Anna and I. She went on the next day to win a bronze medal in the 100 meter free.

All total, the US Paralympi Swimmers won 17 gold medals ... four more than runner-up Ukraine, and 44 total medals, behind China's leading total of 52. While China did win the most total medals, the US won the gold medal count, and therefore, as the International Paralympic Committee decides, the US Paralympi Swimmers won the swimming competition. The last races were swum on September 15, and as we waked away from The Cube, the bubbles were lit up in different colors. Time to move Deb Gruen's Racing, or forward to Closing Ceremonies, or you can backtrack to Justin Zook, Kadena, Opening Ceremonies, or simply go to the Syllabus.