These pictures represent what Maggie experienced during her trip to Beijing. Most of these pictures are those that Maggie, Cathy, and Mary took on their three days of sightseeing ... when the skies were blue and clear.

Hi Maggie ... I just want you to know that I love you very much and hope that your special week at school is EXCELLENT. You are just the greatest daughter, and your mom and I are so very happy to have you around. You are fun, smart, and we hope the Sun will always shine on you. Have a great time showing your classmates your wonderful year of 2008!

Here is how the Beijing, China trip began.

Maggie writing in her jorunal for school on the flight to Beijing.

Maggie and Mary arrive in front of the Bird's Nest

With the bouquet presented to Anna Eames after her bronze medal swim in the 100 free.

Cheering for Justin Zook as he set a New World Record in the morning, and with Justin in the evening after he won the Gold Medal in the 100 backstroke.

Maggie and Mary with Jessica Long and her sister, Hannah. Jessica Long won the USA Sullivan Award in 2007 for her 18 world records that year. This award is given to the best female athlete in any sport, professional or amateur.

Maggie and Mary with Deb Gruen and Erin Popovich. Deb won bronze in the 100 breast stroke, and Po won 5 more medals (3 golds) to compliment her total of 7 gold medals from Athens.

When the Maggie was not in The Cube, watching great swimming, she was touring the sights of Beijing and the surrounding area.

Temple of Heaven



Summer Palace


Walk of the Emperors


Tianamen Square


Forbidden City

The Great Wall

Maggie wants everyone to know that she is featured in the brochure and the webpage of the KaBeeLo Lodge, where she fishes in the summer with her dad.

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Maggie ... if you want to show your classmates a little bit of your trip to Washington, DC ... I have put a few more pictures below for you.