Astronomy Course Units Folders

The Astronomy Course is divided into 12 Units. They are listed below, and each unit is linked to a Unit Introductory Page where you can begin.

Course Introduction

General introductory commnents about the course and instructor

The Starry Sky

Introduction to how we find things in the sky, names, places, and charts

History of Astronomy

A brief history of Astronomy from cavemen to space telescopes

Light and Telescopes

Properties of light and telescopes which unlock the stories which star light tells

Exploration of Space

A look back at manned and unmanned spaceflight

The Earth is a Planet with One Moon

A close study of our Earth as a planet and its glorious moon

The Solar System

Nine planets, and 91 moons at last count

The Sun

The Sun is an average, middle-aged star, but without it we would not have life

The Stars

Stars come in all sorts of sizes and colors and have fantastic life histories


Stars are grouped into a variety of massive collections called galaxies


A look at the beginning of everything and a search for answers to the greatest questions


If life is out there beyond our world, can we find it, or has it found us already


A list of assignments and other tasks to be completed as you work through the course

How to Contact the Instructor or

Time for me to get to know you. Please proceed to the "Get To Know You" page for this course so I can learn a bit more about you and get a better understanding of your hopes and desires for you. You can also return to the Syllabus or the Teacher Bio if you would like to.

Once you have concluded your informtion page to me, please move ahead to the Internet Resources page.

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