The Aurora Borealis of November 7, 2004

The skies above Minneapolis/St Paul were lit up with the Aurora Borealis on the night of November 7, 2004. Between 6:30 and well after 11:30 pm, the night sky was shimmering with green, red, and occasionally purple lights from a coronal mass ejection that exited the Sun on Friday, November 5. It was one of those rare moments when we in the cities could see the lights easily, notice the colors, and not be robbed of the excitement by clouds and rain. I have enclosed some pictures I took from the backyard in Plymouth, as well as the Space Weather Now auroral map image for that Sunday night.

Above and below are the nice greens from ionized oxygen. The image below has the Big Dipper in the lower right.

This last picture (below) faces wese and shows the shimmering lights.

Below is the aurora loop map for 9:00 CST. The dark red shows the extent of the vivid display well over Minnesota. The category of the geomagnetic storm was "extreme," and I do not see that description too often. It was really a wonderful evening.

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