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This Unit is designed to explore the possibilities of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. While almost every astronomer believes that life is not present on or within any planet or moon in our Solar System, there are some who think life may exist elsewhere ... and if not at least in this galaxy, then perhaps in another galaxy. Half of the American people believe that we are not alone, and one in ten believe that aliens have visited this planet. My former neighbors have their own story of an alien encounter, and I have two former students as well as a former fellow teacher who share very real stories of unexplainable phenomena. What happened in Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947? What was the truth about"Project Bluebook" in the late 1960's? What secrets are hidden at Wright-Patterson Airfield, Area 51, and other military bases? What happened to the US Government's sponsored search for intelligent life, SETI?

As a kid, I watched old black and white tv shows featuring Buck Rogers and his endless battles against Ming the Merciless from the planet Mongo.

Now, we have color, special features, and more imaginative writers. Some think aliens are wonderful creatures who kids can befriend, like ET, or terribly ugly monsters that eat humans.

Well, do aliens exists. Are extraterrestrials really extra terrestrial. Are UFO's from outer space or just unidentified flying objects. This unit will attempt to expose you to truths and lies and hopefully allows each student to come to their own conclusion, based more on facts which are scientifically tested. You will have the opportunity to learn about SETI, Roswell, Area 51, and other UFO websites, as well as an unbiased look at the roadblocks which must be overcome for life to evolve from nothing. This unit also represents the conclusion to the Astronomy course and gives you a place for your final comments and suggestions for course improvements.

Begin by going to Project SETI, or hook up your computer at night and search for ET.

Roadblocks to Intelligent Life

The Crash at Roswell

Area 51, X37 spaceplane, and other USA government secrets

SETI Assignment

At anytime, you can stop to think about what you are reading or return to the Syllabus.


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