The Roswell Incident

Well, here it is ... my page devoted to the Roswell Incident of July, 1947. We watch a very interesting video in class about the Roswell Crash (Roswell" that was released in 1994 and kept my wife and I up well into the night talking about what we had just witnessed) that has inspired some wonderful discussion in class ever since. The purpose of this page is to discuss the events of that summer and what really may have taken place.

As you can see from the image below and left, something crashed onto the ranch of Mac Brazel in early July, 1947. The rancher took samples of the crash materials to the sherriff, who then informed the 509th Bomber Command Colonel Blanchard of the event. The US military quickly dispatched a few of its intelligence officers to the scene to discover what the rancher was talking about. US Intelligence officer, Major Jesse Marcel was the first on the scene and wondered just what could cause just a widespread field of debris. Reasoning that it was neither "our own" nor Soviet, a report was sent to the paper describing what just might have been the crash of a flying saucer.

That headline appears in the image above and left. General Ramey was incredulous that such a report could have been released without his authorization and immediately sent for Major Marcel, ordering him to Fort Worth, Texas. When Marcel arrived, her described what he had seen and discussed the materials that had been found. A press conference was called, and with reporters taking pictures, Maj. Marcel was ordered to hold up some aluminum foil and sticks of wood. The material in the picture seen above and right are that of target material hanging from a weather balloon. These balloons were sent up into the sky on a regular basis and fell on ranches throughout New Mexico. No one really paid heed to them, and everyone recognized them.

However, Marcel was made to look as if Army Intelligence had made a terrible mistake, describing a fallen balloon as a flying saucer. Marcel looked like an idiot. Meanwhile, the army went out to Brazel's ranch and cordoned off the entire crash site, refusing anyone access to the location except military persons. Even the town sherriff was denied access to the scene. The official position of the US Military is that Marcel had mistaken a weather balloon for a UFO. Case closed!

Why would the military seal off the crash site if it was jsut a weather balloon? How could Marcel make such a mistake? The 509th was the only group of planes and pilots that could deliver nuclear bombs to a target. They were the best bomber pilots and staff in the entire Air Force. How can their intelligence officer from the top squadron make such an error. Why were people all over the world seeing UFO's after this incident, but rarely before? What happened out in Roswell, New Mexico?

As we watched the Hollywood video in 1996, a student of mine shared that his grandfather was a US General in Dallas/Fort Worth who was restationed to Roswell in July, 1947. The grandfather shared some of his memories of the event but never told his children or grandchildren what really happened. Did an alien spacecraft crash in the rancher's field? Is the US Military continuing a cover up of the events?

In the fall of 2004, I stumbled upon an internet site that shared some fascinating opinion about the events that summer of 1947. You are invited to lok at the site directly at The Internet Truth about the Roswell Account or my copy of this account. I moved it into my course and deleted some of the religious reference in the author's opinion, but kept intact the general accounting. You are encouraged to look this over. I also have a link to Popular Mechanics Magazine where declassified documents from 2003 are explored.

You are encouraged to rent the video and watch it. You are encouraged to look at various declassified dosuments from the event. You are encouraged to ask some hard questions.







There are a few other links of interest here as well. Try the Center of UFOlogy, the National UFO Reporting Agency, UFO Evidence, and the Archive of UFO Images.


Oh, let's not forget the classic account of Travis Walton, an Arizona logger who was abducted for 3 days by aliens. His story was made into a movie, "Fire in the Sky."



"It was many years ago that I got out of a crew truck in the national forest and ran toward a large glowing UFO hovering in the darkening Arizona sky. But when I made that fateful choice to leave the truck, I was leaving behind more than just my six fellow workmen. I was leaving behind forever all semblance of a normal life, running headlong toward an experience so overwhelmingly mind-rending in its effects, so devastating in its aftermath, that my life would never - could never - be the same again."

- Travis Walton -

Here is a link to another author's attempt to debunk the Travis Walton account.


In the fall of 2000, the US Government released information about a crash of a high altitude "pod" that was held aloft by an inflatable balloon. Take a look directly at this "Nuclear-Powered USAF Flying Saucer." The pod was pressurized to survive the high altitude. At the time, the balloon could carry the people at such a high altitude that missles launched by the Soviets would not be able to shoot it down. Apparently, such a craft crashed in 1949. The craft was shaped like a circular disk. There were no engine parts because it was carried by a balloon. If the balloon fabric was metallic, on-ground soldiers would not recognize. If the pod de-pressurized at high altitude, the people on board would expand and explose. Their bodies would be charred by the re-entry. Once again, on-ground soldiers would not recognize the bodies. If the US Government experimented on these high-flying craft, perhaps they used humans as test subjects. Perhaps they sought out the terminally ill or those living on death-row in prison. Perhaps they even used humans who were mentally or physically handicapped who were paid large sums of money. All of this is conjecture, but there is so much doubt in the military's black projects and secrecy maintained for "national security." We may never know beyond all doubt what happened at Roswell, but it is more reasonable to believe that the crash was a UFO of our own design. If human subjects were used, then US Secretary James Forestal would have found it hard to keep such secrets, and in his own mental anguish, he is alleged to have committed suicide. His accounts of the events around the Roswell Incident have never been declassified.

Okay, this ought to be enough to keep you up at night. What's going on? As you fret, perhaps you might want to go back to the Roadblocks to Intelligent Life page and revisit those lines of thought, or return to SETI introduction to look at other things, or return to the Syllabus.

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