Archive of e-mails for the 2006-2007 NSO Astronomy Course

In these pages, you will find a complete collection of ALL of the e-mails that have been sent to the Northern Star Online Astronomy students during the 2006-2007 first semester. The date of the mailing appears first, followed by the content of the e-mail. I hope that this will help each of you know what might be expected and what might also be missing.

You are responsible for everything that is within thesee-mails for the e-mails are the method by which most of the communication between you and I will take place, and where the assignments are given. Please pay attention to them.

The earliest e-mail appears first, with later e-mails appearing father down the page.

Archive of e-mails for the first two weeks, October 2 - October 15

Archive of e-mails for the second two weeks, October 16 - October 30

Archive of e-mails for the third two weeks, October 31 - November 12


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