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On-Line Astronomy

Welcome to On-Line Astronomy. You have reached the homepage of this course. You can either look at current events below or go directly into the course at this time by starting at the Semester Syllabus or to the Prologue.

This course was originally built to help students at Hopkins High School. Toward the end of the 20th century (a long, long time ago), Hopkins experimented with an online program within a charter school. The charter school concept ran out of funding, but was replaced by a consortium of districts that wanted to offer students a chance to learn in a non-traditional style. The Northern Star Online program was developed, and this course was moved there.

Since that time, my online Astronomy course has grown, but now in short bursts, widely separated by time due to my schedule. I have time for updating the course only during the summer months.

I hope that you will enjoy your experience, and if you stumble upon this course through some internet search engine, feel free to make comments. The course is entirely used for the education of students at Hopkins High School and Northern Star Online. Any other use of the materials within this course could be viewed as copyright infringement, since I have liberally used so many images within these pages for solely educational goals.

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The stuff listed below is placed here when exciting news breaks that might be of interest to you. It is sort of a minor archive of the past few years since this course was first built.

SpaceWeather: Has up-to-date information on the Sun's activity, spot counts and pictures, and forecasts for northern lights.

SpaceWeather-Now: A look at the current location of the auroral lights. If you see the orange or yellow over the state of Minnesota, go outside immediately and look up and north.

NASA: A direct link to the NASA program's website to see what is happening in the world of space and rocketry

JPL: A direct link to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to see what is happening in satellite missions to areas beyond Earth orbit.

Nine Planets: A direct link to the Nine Planets website to see what is happening in planetary science



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This is the Home Page for Hopkins On-Line Astronomy/Northern Star Online Astronomy. Some of the images in the course are farily big, and you should either alter your settings to a higher resolution, get a faster modem like broadband or DSL, or use someones computer with a screaming fast processor, or convince me to make the images smaller. While uploading may take some time, I think the wait is worthwhile. Most images are from the public domain. Some are used with permission. Others are used here under the "Fair Use" policy of the Internet since this course is solely for education. Pink hightlghted words or phrases indicate the direction to webpages that you should proceed to in my suggested order. However, if you are like me, preferring a random style, go where you wish.